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Sleeve Gastrectomy as an effective method in the treatment of obesity

Sleeve Gastrectomy as an effective method in the treatment of obesity

As the prevalence of obesity increases in our society, interest in surgical treatments of obesity is also increasing. Sleeve gastrectomy, gastric sleeve or vertical sleeve gastrectomy is one of the most

well-known and frequently applied surgical methods in the treatment of obesity.

If you are researching weight loss surgeries on the computer or phone and looking for the most suitable gastric sleeve surgery for yourself or someone close to you, please read this article to the end, if you came to this page not by chance, but consciously.

If you have not yet decided on the clinics and physicians who will provide the most suitable and correct gastric sleeve surgery medical service for you in the UK, London, Manchester, Liverpool, this article may challenge you a little more! Because you are about to meet a completely different alternative, a much more convenient option including transportation, accommodation, and good medical services. Moreover, with the assurance of no-hidden cost!

Of course, it is your most natural right to choose the best for yourself or your loved ones and the most suitable for your health, right?

Searching for the best doctor and clinic for Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in UK

With the increase in obesity in our society, the need for services for obesity treatment is also increasing. Of course, people with weight problems do not consider surgical options at first. Diet programs, physical activities, gyms, plates, joking are psychological counseling to support these weight loss efforts, and they often try many methods more than once.

As a result of these methods, there are those who can get rid of their obesity and excess weight, as well as those who regain the weight they lost after a while, those who cannot lose weight as they want, or even those who gain more weight. The main reason for this is that each person has a different metabolism, biorhythm, and life routine. Many dynamics such as life habits, routines, malnutrition, sleep patterns, psychological factors that cause obesity or overweight do not allow

people to lose their target weight with the help of diet and physical exercise. What is needed here is a more radical method that also encourages the person to lose weight, right?

Obesity surgery is a method that will encourage weight loss for obese or overweight individuals if they do not have a medical disability and will support them to fall to a healthy weight until they can change their obesity-causing life habits with healthier and correct routines. The subject of this article is gastric sleeve surgery, which has been clinically followed for years, helping millions of people to achieve healthier weight.

What if we told you that you can have your gastric sleeve surgery at half the price in the best bariatric surgeons and the best clinic in London, Manchester, Liverpool?


It is your most natural right to want to perform gastric sleeve surgery in the best clinic in your city and with the best bariatric surgeon. But the best ones are priced higher, as you have seen or will see in your research. Many criteria such as the experience of the physician, other services provided, the medical equipment used, and the hospital where the surgery was performed affect the price of gastric sleeve surgery. You can have your gastric sleeve surgery done by a well-known and highly experienced bariatric surgery specialist doctor in an extremely comfortable and convenient hospital without paying a fortune.

In fact, this is not a secret, another good and satisfying option preferred by thousands of UK citizens every year is Istanbul. Do you know that thousands of UK, French, German, Dutch and Swedish citizens come to Istanbul every year for different weight loss surgeries and gastric sleeve surgery?

Similarities and differences of having gastric sleeve surgery in London, Manchester, Liverpool, or Istanbul


Bariatric surgery is a surgical procedure that has been applied for many years and has been clinically followed up extremely well and its success and effects have been proven. Specialized bariatric surgeons serving in this field perform extremely safe surgical procedures all over the world with very similar and often even the same methods.

How the surgery will be performed, preoperative preparations, postoperative procedures, all medically applied procedures are carried out in accordance with the guidelines of bariatric surgery accepted by international medical authorities.

If the patient is medically suitable for this procedure, if the operating room and hospital infrastructure requirements are standard, if the general surgeon who will perform the surgery has

expertise in bariatric surgery, there will be no difference in the gastric sleeve procedure and other medical processes, whether you have it done in London, Manchester, Liverpool, or Istanbul.


Being examined by a very good and well-known bariatric surgeon in London, Manchester, Liverpool in a good clinic, having gastric sleeve surgery in a very good hospital can cost a small fortune for most UK citizens.

However, you can get the same service from an experienced and successful surgical doctor and a good hospital in Istanbul at more affordable costs, spend a few days with your companion in a 4 or 5-star hotel in Istanbul, and then return to your country.

To get more information about Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Can Karaca, who performs Sleeve Gastrectomy surgeries in Istanbul and has hundreds of patients from the UK and EU countries, >>>>

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Why is Istanbul a very good option for Sleeve Gastrectomy and bariatric surgery for UK citizens?


Health Services in Turkey and Istanbul

Turkey is one of the countries that have invested the most in health infrastructure in the world in the last 20 years. Although this may sometimes seem like a waste, the following example can be illustrative, the number of MRI machines in Istanbul alone is more than the sum of England, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Of course, education, human resources and quality management are extremely important in health care, as well as financial investments such as highly modern hospitals and advanced medical infrastructure

Turkey, like the remnants of the western empire, has a deep-rooted school of medical education. Modern medical education, on the other hand, was institutionalized with German and French

medical education models during the Turkish modernization that started in the 1850s. The modern Republic of Turkey also attaches great importance to medical education from the very beginning. Today, thousands of people from many countries of the world prefer Turkey not only for health tourism but also for medical education.

In Turkey, which has an inclusive, unlimited social security system that provides free health services to all citizens, doctors must provide public service for a while after receiving their branch expertise. For this reason, doctors in Turkey have the opportunity to see much more cases in a shorter time compared to their colleagues in the UK and EU countries. This gives you valuable experience, especially in surgical medical branches.

Health Tourism Istanbul

Although it is the subject of skits and jokes, Turkey is the 3rd largest destination in the world and the 2nd largest destination in Europe in tourism, while it is the 5th largest destination in the world in health tourism. It has become the 3rd largest destination in Europe.


Millions of people who want to receive health services in a wide spectrum from surgeries with high difficulty to cancer treatments, from aesthetic surgeries to bariatric surgeries, prefer Turkey and Istanbul, which provide this service with high quality and affordable prices.

Gastric sleeve surgery in Istanbul

It is possible to reach quality health care, an experienced and successful bariatric surgeon in bariatric surgery with a flight of approximately 3 hours.

You can have gastric sleeve treatment in Istanbul, which you can get from the best physician and the best clinics or hospitals in your city, at more affordable prices in Istanbul. 

Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Can Karaca, who performs Sleeve Gastrectomy surgeries in Istanbul and has hundreds of patients from the UK and EU countries, >>>> 

For more information and FAQ about gastric sleeve surgery>>>> [ ]

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Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Specialist in Istanbul Assoc. Prof. Dr. Can Karaca Sleeve Gastrectomy Prices

With more than 15 years of surgical experience, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Can Karaca works to treat his patients who want to overcome obesity in the most accurate and effective way.


You can fill out the form on our website to get more information about the price and process of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Can Karaca’s sleeve gastrectom

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